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  1. Rob McFee
    Rob McFee at | | Reply

    That is fascinating indeed. What does the word “Johatsu” mean in the books title? Is that book available in English?
    Thanks for the always fascinating posts!

  2. Bob Otto
    Bob Otto at | | Reply

    Thank you for sharing. I have been studying Uechi-Ryu for over 40 years.

  3. George Mattson
    George Mattson at | | Reply

    Very interesting. There was a video of the Shinpa kata circulating on tthe internet a few years ago with speculation regarding its origin and connection with Kanbun Uechi. This article is most enlightening. Thanks for posting it.

  4. Mike Clarke
    Mike Clarke at | | Reply

    Hi Mario,
    It’s facinating to think that from one conversation, an entire kata can be devised and passed on….there goes the “honed from lessons learnt on the battlefield” theory.

    I’ve just had a long chat with my neighbour, and I’m off to the dojo to devise a kata for killing noisy dogs!

    BTW…I doubt many today would be prepared to focus on quietly training themselves and their students…there’s far too much money
    and ego involved in karate these days.

    All the best,

  5. RH Gutierrez
    RH Gutierrez at | | Reply

    Interesting post. I hope you will one day consider translating Koshini’s books. I have a few of your translated works and have enjoyed them.

  6. danielpanizza
    danielpanizza at | | Reply

    One visit, one kata. Amazing. And yet, isn’t this so “Mabuni Kenwa”, after all? Collecting kata from any master (he didn’t believe in styles, if I remember well, and he certainly was not alone in this), and “taking notes” about new techniques by developing kata. Sometimes it’s not really the kata that is deep, but it is the depth of the practitioner that makes the kata great. IMHO, obviously.
    Thanks for this blog, it is really a great source of information.

  7. Brandon
    Brandon at | | Reply

    Thank you for the article, Bechurin. I’m curious – where did you find this great picture of Kanbun Uechi? Many thanks.

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