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  1. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    Very interesting version of Rohai, I am surprised by the similarities to nahate, in particular the opening sequence and its similarity to Shisochin.

  2. Raf
    Raf at | | Reply

    So completely different than Tomari tradition we can observe in Matsubayashi schools. To me it looks like infused with Naha-Te spirit almost to the point it is not Shorin-based anymore :)

  3. Rob McFee
    Rob McFee at | | Reply

    It was, for me, an unusual version since I was used to the Nagamine version. It was a fantastic performance by Tokashiki Tadao sensei! Thanks for sharing that.

  4. Andi
    Andi at | | Reply

    Thanks for sharing, I see both the similarities and differences. Remember having read that it was Tokashiki Iken who pointed out that originally there was no direct technical relation between “Shuri-te” and “Tomari-te”.

  5. rh gutierrez
    rh gutierrez at | | Reply

    thanks for sharing this version of Rohai. I do one version which is different but recently found a Shito-ryu school that had six versions of Rohai, one was similar to this one.

  6. Richard Barrett
    Richard Barrett at | | Reply

    The whole kata shares the same flavour as goju ryu, I beleive that monk fist boxing had a much greater influence on it than white crane, thanks for sharing.

  7. Tim Herlihy
    Tim Herlihy at | | Reply

    Thankyou for sharing. Great video and very interesting to see Rohai kata like this. May i have permission to share this video as i’m sure Shorin Ryu karateka will find this fascinating.

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