08 Oct


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I love goya, but it wasn’t love at first sight. Its bitterness is something of an acquired taste for most people – myself included. I first encountered this peculiar “bitter melon” on my first trip to Okinawa in 1988 during a hot day in September. I had entered a restaurant with one of my sempai who ordered something to eat for the two us (I didn’t speak Japanese back then) and 15 minutes or so later the waiter came out with two plates of some bumpy green vegetable, tofu, egg and spam! Read More

31 Aug

Teachers, Students, Gurus and Fools

gurus, guru, karate, kobudo, sensei, student

I like Okinawa. The island, people, language, food, culture, so I suppose it goes without saying that I like Okinawa Karate-do and Kobudo. Heck, I might even go so far as to say that I’m someone who also likes to write about its philosophy, culture, history, language, and techniques. Why? Well being the simpleton that I am its because I find it interesting and enjoyable – when it stops being fun, I’ll stop (and I mean not just writing, but practice as well).  Read More