17 Jan

Trouble – Meiwaku

Trouble, Meiwaku, Goju-ryu, Kobudo, Vancouver, BC, Kitsilano, Karate, Lessons
One day while I was still living in Japan, I was flipping the TV when I stumbled upon a news program. The reporter was interviewing parents at an elementary school entrance ceremony and asked one father about what he wanted for his child’s future. His reply was interesting and contrasted sharply with what a North American parent might say.

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12 Jan

Fukuchi Seko – Memorial Demonstration – Part 1

Fukuchi Seko, Goju-ryu, Karate, Lessons, Vancouver, BC, Kitsilano

Fukuchi Seko (1919 – 1975)

A year or so ago I posted about Fukuchi Seko, an important but not well-known teacher of Goju-ryu. He was the student of Higa Seko and subsequently the teacher of Hokama Tetsuhiro and Tokashiki Iken. Fukuchi passed away suddenly in 1975, but it wasn’t until 1984 that a memorial demonstration was held to honor him. Below you can find the first set of videos from the demonstration featuring some well-known and up-in-coming (at the time) teachers. Read More